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Mobile Dating Script

In this modern age, you can rarely find a person without a mobile phone since gadgets like this has become a part of our daily living—studying, working, shopping, etc. Due to the conveniences and advantages mobile phones have brought into our lives, it is not surprising that dating can also be done now through these little devices.

Mobile Dating Script enables your members to gain access to your dating website through any mobile devices like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. This Mobile Dating Script also has almost similar functions as the regular web-based dating script where your members can log in, search, read and send messages, and chat with other members.


Mobile Dating Script

Works on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy

Supports Android and IOS

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With the tremendous growth of mobile users, mobile internet dating has begun to be the choice of many men and women rather than the traditional web-based dating. The reason is that mobile internet dating is very convenient and much more realistic compared to web-based dating. It is less time-consuming and effort-saving because you can use it wherever you are. It enables you to easily search, send text messages, and arrange a meet up with your date. Nowadays, it is somewhat ridiculous to think about a mobile phone yet worry about internet connection. Thanks to the brilliant creators of mobile phones with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE capabilities, the future for mobile internet dating has shown even more promising results.

Mobile Dating Script is a wonderful revelation to many web-based dating site owners. Not only does this provide extensions for dating strategies for the members but also it expands the owners’ chances of increasing their income. The Mobile Dating Script can work standalone by it's own or be integrated into your existing dating websites. It's also free with purchase of our Professional Dating Script.